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What you send me:  Please write out the translation exercises at the end of each chapter. If, for some reason, you cannot use a computer to write out Sanskrit, we can work something out using pen and paper. Otherwise, please use a computer font for Sanskrit (more on that on the next page under Tools.

Once you have finished a chapter, please send the translations to me, attached to an e-mail

When I receive a lesson from you, I will correct it as necessary, make comments and suggestions, and return it to you as soon as I can. 

This course will be limited to Perry's book through chapter 14. Once you have finished that section, you will be done, and we can start thinking in terms of Sanskrit 102. 

The course does not have a time limit, unless you're taking it for credit in conjunction with an academic institution, in which case the school's calendar will set the length of time that you are allowed for it. Please let me know immediately if that's the case. 

Cost: For now, if you are taking the course by yourself apart from an institution, it is entirely free.  Since the books are available free online, you really do not need to spend a penny. 

Let me be more specific. You can purchase copies of Perry and Whitney as paper and electronic versions, new and used. However, both books are in the public domain and are available at archive sites. E.g., click on Perry and Whitney here. 

Academic Credit:  If you desire academic credit for this course, the best way to proceed is for you to request your school to transfer this course into your program as an "independent study," most likely as an elective.

However, it may conceivably count towards a major in various fields that could profit from familiarity with Sanskrit (world cultures or religions, missions, linguistics (broadly defined), etc. Only your school can make that decision. 

I will assign you a grade if necessary. 





Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

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